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I haven’t written a post for this blog in a long time. I took a full time job this past school year and I knew that my time would be consumed with my job and managing my fibro symptoms–that’s just how it is when you’re trying to have a full time job and not be overwhelmed with fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. But now it’s summer vacation and I’ve been transferred to a school that I think will be less stressful on my body, so I hope to get back into blogging.

There were two major happenings with regard to my fibromyalgia in last few months. The first was I needed to go onto a new medicine to help me sleep. I was just not able to fall asleep and that made for miserable days that made my transition into full time work even more difficult. I went to my doctor about a month into the school year and she gave me a prescription for Amitripyline. She said it’s one of the preferred treatments for sleeplessness in fibro, which I didn’t know. It’s a tricyclic anti-depressant. It works well to help me sleep, and the anti-depressant nature has certainly helped my mood. So I’m happy with the results of this medication.

The other thing that happened was a bout of chest pain that sent me to the emergency room last fall. I had been having the feeling that I was coming down with something and I figured it was something like a cold or flu. But I ended up waking at  5 a.m. with this terrible twisting, burning pain in the middle of my chest. I had my husband take me to the emergency room. Luckily, there was nothing wrong with my heart. The doctor diagnosed GERD (acid reflux) and gave me a prescription for Prilosec and told me to buy liquid antacid. I had severe pain when swallowing for about a week and didn’t eat very much. He thought I maybe caught some kind of bacterial infection (since I was feeling sick in addition to the chest pain) or maybe had too much stress. But I wondered if it was related to taking naproxen for pain relief pretty much every day for a month. I know that it can cause stomach problems. So I stopped taking the naproxen and haven’t taken it since then. I’ve been limping along with acetaminophen and yoga and warm baths and morning stretches to treat my pain. After a few weeks, I didn’t have any more acid reflux symptoms, so at least that problem was solved. But I’m worried about sometimes having pain that becomes overwhelming–acetaminophen doesn’t really work for me.

Has anyone else had similar issues with naproxen and stomach problems? Any other recommendations for dealing with pain? I feel like my options are tapped out–I’ve had fibro for so many years and have tried so many things I don’t know what else to try.

I’m glad to get back to blogging and I’m going to update more often.