I’m typing this with aching hands–little shards of pain through the palms and the bottom of the fingers. Probably been spending too much time on the computer. I coated my hands in the pain-relieving muscle balm, but it hasn’t done much. That’s a familiar feeling if you have fibro–your attempts to minimize your pain not doing much.

I’m trying to rush through two books in the next week because I start a new job next Monday–the books are One Good Turn and Started Early,Took My Dog, both by Kate Atkinson. I read her book Case Histories at the start of the month and was hooked on her style. I read another book of hers, When Will There Be Good News?, over Fourth of July weekend. These books feature the sometime private detective Jackson Brodie, who manages to become involved with disappearances and murders all over the U.K. The books are described as murder mysteries, but the author says she doesn’t like to think of her work as belonging to those particular genres, so I will refrain from saying “murder mysteries” or “detective stories.” You don’t have to be a fan of those genres to appreciate her books. They’re just well-written fiction with richly-drawn characters. Atkinson gradually unfolds the mysteries across various story lines and you keep reading because you can’t wait to see how everything ties up together at the end. I started reading Started Early, Took My Dog on Saturday and I’m already 287 pages into it. (Granted, I had a pretty open and flexible schedule over the weekend so I could devote many hours to reading.) I think I can get through it and One Good Turn by the end of the week. I’ll need to since my new job will keep me busy and having a job and having fibromyalgia means I won’t have much time for anything else for at least a few weeks. C’est la vie. C’est la fibromyalgia.

At least turning pages of a good book won’t make my hands hurt any worse.