1. This past weekend we went out of town and stayed at a hotel. One of the best things about staying in a hotel is hot showers and high shower heads. The shower head in our bathroom is set at a height for someone much shorter than me–I don’t know when the bathroom was last updated, but I know the house was built in the 1950’s and it was made for smaller people. The shower head is at my shoulders, which is okay when I want to stand under the hot water if my legs are hurting me, but not at all helpful if my neck and shoulders hurt and I want to stand under the hot water. And the hot water is usually gone in about six to eight minutes. This is okay on some days, but on some days I want to take a longer shower because the heat does help with some fibromyalgia aches and pains. So it’s wonderful to be a hotel shower with the shower head way above my head and to be able to run the warm water for ten minutes or more. I can just feel the droplets and the heat massaging my muscles and working out some of the aches.

2. I’m trying to adjust to a new sleeping schedule, and I’ve been waking myself up a little bit earlier each day, but I’m having trouble going to sleep earlier, so I’m a little more tired than usual and am feeling some extra creakiness and aches today. If only I was back in the hotel and had that wonderfully high shower head to help me out. I took a soaker bath and it helped, but not that much. My bathtub is also shaped for someone smaller than me so I can’t really get my shoulders and neck underwater. 

Oh, the fun of fibromyalgia.