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This whole week (including this past Sunday) my little corner of the world has been stuck in a heatwave with record high temperatures over 100 F. The afternoons and evenings are spent trying to live with temperatures over 100–today the high is supposed to be 103. And the high temps are not supposed to get under 100 until this weekend, when it will be in the cool upper nineties.

Aside from making things absolutely miserable for most of the day (even the dogs look at me like I’m crazy when I try to get them to go outside and usually they run for the back door whenever I get near it), this weather makes it hard to exercise outside. Unless I get up at the crack of dawn (which I would never do unless someone is paying me or I’m traveling) when it’s 75, it’s going to be too unbearably hot to try to exercise outdoors. Even when the sun goes down, which happens around eight this time of year, it’s still 90. I absolutely hate sweating (my poor husband has to hear me complain about it every time we go for a hike or bike ride) and then I worry about heat stroke because it’s too hot and I wonder if I had enough water. I worry, too, that my fibro will make me more susceptible to the heat or that the heat will make my symptoms worse. I haven’t noticed that it does (except maybe to make me a little more sleepy), but you never know what will happen when you have fibromyalgia. So I’ve been trying to stay inside as much as possible, grumbling about how if I wanted to live in these conditions I’d move to Arizona.

That means my exercise option is to do yoga in my living room with two fans trained on me. This is actually ideal because I’ve been feeling extra stress lately and the yoga is helping with that and the aches and creaks of my fibro. I just want to go outside sometime soon without feeling like I’m about to melt. Maybe next week.