So I’ve been blogging for two full years now. I’ve made 118 posts. I wish I could have made more, but having fibromyalgia means you can’t always do what you want when you want to do it. And today I’m okay with that.

It’s a beautiful day–76 degrees, overcast, a slight breeze, some humidity–I think it might even rain later. This type of day happens only a few times a year around here. Usually by now (1 pm) the sun would be out and the day would be heating up. But not today. Today it seems like it’ll be beautiful for most of the day. It’s probably one of the last fine days before the summer heat really gets here. I have the windows open to let in the breeze. I didn’t have to work today, so I woke up at nine, feeling rested, had a quiet morning and then did gentle yoga for half an hour. Yesterday I woke up with aches in my thighs and I wondered why because I hadn’t done anything that stressful the day before and there should have been no reason for the aches. But then I remembered that I have fibromyalgia so there doesn’t need to be any other reason why my thighs were hurting. But not today. Today I am rested and the thigh pain is gone. Of course I still have little aches and pains, but those are so little it’s easy to overlook them. Of course there is a little fatigue around the corners of my mind, but it’s only a little so I can ignore it and not have to give into it.

I’m glad that this beautiful and relatively pain free day makes it so my second anniversary post can be on the positive end of the spectrum. I know that these last few months I’ve been nearer the negative end of it. I can’t help that I’ll have those bad days; I’ll just try to relish the better ones.