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These last few days since the time change I have been so tired. The day of the dreaded spring forward wasn’t so bad, but ever since then I just haven’t been able to get enough sleep. Funnily enough–considering I have fibromyalgia and all–I’ve only felt noticeable pain on one day–Monday, yesterday. My hips were hurting. I felt whispers of worry that it was early arthritis because my mother has had trouble with arthritis and had to have one of her hips replaced and will probably need to have the other one replaced before long–but I think it was from the yoga I did on Saturday. I was doing lots of forward folds during that session and those are sometimes hard on my hips.

The fatigue affects everything–the way I move, how quickly I can think and react, what I accomplish in a day, how much exercise and recreation I can work into my day. The “fibro fog” and the pain tend to grow worse on the days I’m tired. And so many plans get interrupted because of the inevitable afternoon slide into unconsciousness. In fact, I feel like taking a nap in a few minutes here after I hit “publish” on this post, which would push back all of the things I need to get done today.

I understand the arguments for moving one hour forward in time, but I sure hate that it leaves me catching up on my sleep for days and days afterward. I guess I could be grateful that the pain hasn’t increased as much as the fatigue, but I don’t feel all that grateful right now.

I’m too tired for it.