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It’s amazing what a difference feeling physically well can make in my mood. This should not be a surprise because I have fibromyalgia and I’ve had my share of days where I’ve been grumpy or angry or blue because I was tired or in pain. But still I can be surprised by what my body does outside of fibro.

In my last post I discussed trying to cope with congestion and coughing and trying to not be constantly angry and upset because I was having those symptoms on top of having fibromyalgia. Thankfully, the congestion and coughing have let up over the last four days, and I feel so much better, both in mind and in body.

So much better that I could sing and dance. This good mood despite the fact that today I’ve been a little tired and I’ve had sharp slivers of pain all down the backs of my legs and I had to take a nap after doing some housework. Usually I mind having to lay down and slip out of consciousness for twenty or thirty minutes, but today I welcomed the rest. I know I shouldn’t have to remind myself what a little self-care can do because I’ve had five years of a fibro diagnosis to learn that lesson, but I guess I do still have to remind myself sometimes. I think I was just grateful that I didn’t feel like bricks were sitting on my sinuses and I wasn’t coughing like I had consumption–I was just glad that fibro was the only issue I was trying to battle.

So thank you to Mother Nature and my sinuses and my own coping methods for helping me have a clear head and a better day. I hope we can keep cooperating over the next few weeks and make it through the allergy and dusty-windy season. Cause these skies are going to be brown tomorrow when the winds kick in and I’m going to need all of the help I can get.