So last time I posted–two weeks ago! I feel like such a slacker–I discussed self-discipline and exercise and at the very end of it I had very nearly talked myself into doing some exercise.

It turns out I hadn’t talked myself into it after all–it wasn’t until a day later that I did do any. I’ve come to realize that it’s much easier for me to be self-disciplined when I feel like someone else is watching and keeping track. On the day of my last post my husband went out of town over night so he wasn’t there to notice so I didn’t even get down on my yoga mat for twenty minutes. I did, however, exercise the next day when he got back home. I guess it’s lucky I don’t live alone; I don’t know how I’d make myself do regular exercise. Even when I know it will make me feel better, I have such a hard time picking myself up off the sofa.

We did start a new exercise activity two weekends ago, though. We’ve been talking about doing some hiking for a while, but nothing ever came of it. Then I started getting a little bored with just my yoga and biking, and a friend of ours suggested we go hiking, and I thought, let’s do it, especially now that the weather isn’t so hot I want to die. There are all kinds of hills and canyons to hike around here, so it was just a matter of driving out to a trial head. My husband knows the area better than I do because he rides his bike out in the mountains, so he knew what trails I would likely be able to handle without too much trouble. I’ve never been much of an outdoorsy person, but the trails are well-traveled enough and close enough to civilization that I don’t feel cut off.

The two hikes we’ve been on were only about a mile each. We went up and then down some hills so it was a bit more challenging than going on a walk around the neighborhood, but I didn’t want to try pushing myself too much. I soaked my legs in warm epsom salt baths after both hikes to try to stave off some pain. The day after the first hike my knees and shins ached, but I pretty much expected that. I think my legs just needed to get used to moving in that particular way; they didn’t ache after the second hike.

So I probably won’t climb any mountains any time soon, but at least I’m getting out and seeing the countryside and varying up my exercise routine. That’s one of the tips that is always given in news articles on how to stick to an exercise routine.  And I need all the help I can get in that department.