I try to exercise three times a week. I don’t exercise because it’s fun (although sometimes it is, especially when I’m flying down a hill on my bike) or because I want to lose weight or build muscle (although I do like feeling stronger now than I have been in the past), but because I have to if I want to muddle through this fibro business with something of a life. I need it to help with the pain and fatigue symptoms.

The problem is discipline. It’s much easier not to exercise, especially when I’m tired or in pain. Even though intellectually I know the exercise just might help ease both of those things (20-30 minutes of yoga can help me feel less tired and in less pain), and even though I know that keeping up a regular exercise routine can help me feel better over the long term, I still have to push myself. I mean, the couch is comfortable, napping under the blanket is warm and I don’t have to move and be reminded of my aching limbs.

So it’s Thursday and I haven’t done any exercise since Sunday, when I did thirty minutes of yoga. I’ll have some time this afternoon to exercise, but I’ll have to push myself to do it. I just need to resist the siren song of the TV or the Internet and remind myself that even if I don’t feel like exercising, it’ll be better for me to do it than not.

At least there’s a few more days left in the week to make up for not doing any exercise yet. At least I can tell myself it’s good that having fibro has made me live a healthier lifestyle than I did in the past. I never used to exercise, apart from some sporadic walking. At least I can say I have more self-discipline now than I used to. I have it mostly because I have to have it, but it’s there.

See, I’m talking myself into it.