The new year is off to a bad start for me–the cold I was feeling on last Monday just got worse, and I ended up spending the first four days of the new year on the couch, dozing and feeling miserable. I was able to get up each day and take a shower, but then didn’t move beyond the living room. I only went outside to bring the trashcans back from the curb. I thought mostly about how often to blow my nose without making the skin raw and didn’t even do much reading. I only felt better yesterday. So I had a cold for six days. It seems that nearly everyone I’ve talked to in the last week has been sick or knows someone who was sick so it must be hitting the town hard. I haven’t been this sick in years. I was actually pretty upset to start the year that way. I know it isn’t really foreshadowing the way the rest of the year will go, but it does make me feel discouraged. I mean, it’s already the sixth and I’m barely putting up a new year’s post on this blog. I feel like I’m behind on some much that I’ve intended to do. You’d think I’d be used to that having fibromyalgia, but at least with my fibro I’m able to do things in small pieces; this cold just knocked me out for four days.

The good thing is, the year can only get better from here, right?