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My last post was the 100th post since starting this blog in May 2012. Truthfully, I wanted to hit the 100 mark months ago, but there just isn’t the time or the inspiration to do more than a handful of posts a month. I feel like I should have been paying attention and written something wonderfully significant, but I guess I wasn’t keeping track and the moment has passed. But reflecting on five years with fibro is pretty significant, so I’m happy it was that one.

At any rate, I’m proud to have stuck to this blog for 100 posts and proud to have found an audience for my  blog. I hope it provides entertainment and educates people about fibromyalgia and makes people with fibro feel less alone. I know having fibromyalgia can feel very isolating, especially when you’re in the middle of a flare or you need to rest so you have to stay home and not see your friends and family as much as you want, so you have to reach out online for support and understanding.

So, many thanks to my readers for sticking with me through all of these posts. I hope the next 100 posts come more quickly.