Today is the day we set our clocks back one hour and get back the hour that is cruelly ripped from us in the springtime just so we can have one more hour of heat a day during the summer. Today is better than Christmas, my wedding anniversary, my birthday, the first day of school–any day of the year pales in comparison to the day I get a free hour. An hour to do anything–sleep, read, take a bath or a hot shower, exercise, spend time with family, write, take the dogs on a walk, go shopping, get ahead on the work week–anything is possible in that one hour. It’s positively invigorating.

Who am I kidding? I have fibromyalgia, so I slept through that hour. And it is glorious to have a day when you don’t feel guilty or rushed for sleeping in. When everyone is sleeping in if they can.

I don’t even mind the sun going down sooner and the days being shorter. I just wish we didn’t have to change our clocks at all. It’s just too disrupting to peoples’ body clocks. I’d rather just be on Standard Time. Just let me have that extra hour.