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Yes, fall, not autumn. I know some people think that “fall” is a lesser word, but I’ve always used “fall.” And besides, “autumn” describes a place where the leaves turn colors and people take pictures of how gorgeous it is and then things get darker and colder and you get to wear sweaters and Halloween is cold. I live in a place where this season is not like that–it’s more tentative, more muted. The one tree in our yard that has leaves that change color turns yellow and then the leaves fall in a matter of days. Every other tree or plant that we have either keeps going or just goes dormant and loses leaves in a sad, ugly way. Up in the mountains they might have spectacular blazes of color, but down here in the desert it’s not so spectacular.

But today feels like fall, like the season is closing in. Next week I’m sure the temperature will be back in the high eighties or low nineties and the sun will be out and the car will be hot and I’ll be sweating in my new jeans. Bleh. Summer lasting too long.

But today is cloudy and rainy and there’s fog clinging to the mountains. We hardly ever have a day when it’s cloudy all day–I think we have like 350 sunny days in a year–so it’s nice to have a gloomy day. It’s an occasion, a vacation. I can feel like I’m in the middle of the fall season, but I don’t have to deal with the negative impacts of the cool and the gloom because it won’t stay. (Gloom does a number on my mood; cool and cold does a number on my fibro body.) Just give me two or three days of this–anything more than that and I worry I’ll start feeling it. Negatively, I mean.

I do feel a little twinge in my neck today (I hit the top of my head on the freezer door when I was bending over to put vegetables in the crisper and I’m pretty sure that’s why my neck feels funny) and of course I’m a little tired, but what else is new, right? It’s so little compared to other days I’ve had that I can almost ignore my fibro symptoms and just enjoy my day.

So that’s what I’m going to do– enjoy this “real” fall day while it lasts.