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I haven’t written in this blog a long time even though I really have wanted to; it’s just that I’ve been working my summer job, and I’ve been sitting in front of a computer screen for 7 or 8  hours a day. So when I come home, I just want to rest my eyes. I open up a real book with pages you can touch and white space that is just bare–there’s no ad or other article calling my attention, no lighted screen to strain my eyes. And when I want to write for myself, I open up an actual notebook. There’s just a peace in those old paper forms of media. Even reading a magazine is restful. It’s just me and the words and nothing else trying to grab my attention. So I just don’t go to this blog and make an entry.

And then there’s the fact that when you work full time there’s only so many precious hours in the day you have to yourself (especially if you have fibromyalgia and need to get lots of rest). And into those hours I have to squeeze in cooking, household chores, a social life, recreational TV watching, and  exercise.

Oh exercise. I have to admit I haven’t been doing as much as I should. I pretty much stopped riding my bike because it’s either really frickin’ hot or really frickin’ humid and raining, and I end up sweating and panting and feeling awful. As for indoor exercise–I stopped the pilates in mid-June because they were too harsh on my body. And I’d do yoga by myself off of what I remembered from my classes, but I’d end up doing it for fifteen or twenty minutes and that wasn’t enough.

So I bought myself a yoga DVD with the hopes that it would force me to do a better job of actually doing yoga and having it mean something to my body and my health. I bought the Yoga for Beginners DVD from the 10 Minute Solution series of exercise videos. I like this series because it gives you options. The yoga routines are divided into 10 minute sections and you can mix and match the segments, so on the days when I feel strong or have the time I can do 40 or 50 minutes. And on the days when I don’t have the time or the strength, I can do 20 or 30 minutes. Or I do just the segments that I feel like I need to do. It’s a very good DVD series for someone with fibromyalgia.

I have found that I really need to make myself do yoga more often, even when I really want to do something else. Because when I wake up in the morning after the day I do yoga, I feel so much better than I do on the days where I haven’t done yoga the day before. The dust and rust in my bones feeling, the creakiness and achiness in my spine and my hips–those feelings are lessened or not at all bothersome on the mornings after I do yoga. And that is worth giving up those thirty minutes of reading or TV or housecleaning. If I can wake up rested and not feeling rusty and dusty chances are I will have a good day.

And how could I pass up the chance to have a good day?