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Finally, finally, finally after a month of 100 degree temps, we had a break in the weather this week. It was in the 80’s on Monday and Tuesday. The 80s! I didn’t even mind that the humidity was up to 40 and 46% because it was in the 80s and there was cloud cover. I didn’t mind being sweaty and sticky because at least I wasn’t having my skin seared.

Right now my little corner of the world is entering what’s called the North American Monsoon, during which we get most of our rain. For three months there are frequent, intense, short-lived thunderstorms. They usually happen in the evening and the early hours of the night; on Sunday and Tuesday the rain and the wind started a little before midnight and last night they started at about nine-fifteen. Last night also happened to be the night that my town has its fourth of July electric light parade. I’m a sucker for parades; I just think they’re a fun and slightly cornball thing to do, and the people here are usually very creative with their floats, so it’s fun to see what they come up with. And how much more all-American can you get than a parade down your town’s Main Street? There was spectacular lightning as we waited for the parade to start. I made the admittedly fanciful comment that Mother Nature wanted to get in her own light show. The parade had just started when a light rain started to fall. Then, suddenly, the rain started falling in buckets and the cold wind was right behind it. The crowd took off as one in the direction of the parking lots. I was holding a chair over my head to keep the rain off as we ran to my sister’s truck, but it did no good. My husband and I ran the rest of the way home, which was not quite a mile away. Running in the pouring rain is not nearly as fun and romantic as it looks in movies, but I was laughing anyway. We don’t often get caught in the rain here, and it brought back some happy feelings from childhood, when being in the  soaking rain is an awesome adventure.

And now today is a day off of work and, man, do I need it. It’s taking some time to get used to a full work day again. I just need to make myself go to sleep before eleven-thirty or midnight. I don’t even plan on doing anything special today, mostly just resting and staying at home. Part of the problem of having a job and  fibromyalgia is when you get a day off you just want to stay home.

Oh well, at least we’re getting rain.

Off to stretch and maybe cook some all-American hot dogs and catch an obstructed view of the fireworks from my front porch later on.