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The first time I knew something was wrong  with my body was the summer between my first and second year of teaching, the summer I was married, the summer I couldn’t get enough sleep. I was sleeping thirteen hours a day, taking naps that were hours long. Then I started teaching again and along with the fatigue came the pain. Oh, the pain. Weekends lost to sleep and limping before I was diagnosed and started trying out medications to see what worked for me.

So for my case of fibromyalgia pain and fatigue have always been intertwined–it’s probably the same for everyone, really . As long as I get enough sleep, the pain won’t be that bad. Lately, I have been getting enough rest because the summer class I was supposed to teach didn’t have enough students signed up for it so it was cancelled and now I’m left in the lurch until next month. It’s a little distressing because we could certainly use the money, but on the bright side I can sleep.

A few days this past week I’ve had to get up earlier than I’m used to and my pain levels certainly reflected the lack of rest. Lots and lots of little aches all over my body–the dust in my bones kind of feeling. Sharp stabs of pain in my hands and my feet. The good thing is, once the events that I needed to get up early for were over, I could take a nap. And after the nap a few stretches,and I felt better. Still kind of “ugh” (there is really no better way to describe the feeling of aches and a dull mind that come with not enough sleep), but better. It put me behind for the rest of the day, but since I’m not working for a month, that doesn’t really matter. There’s plenty of time to catch up.

So I think I should feel good for the next month as long as I can get to sleep early if I have to get up early. However, we do have a vacation coming up, so we shall see.