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So having fibromyalgia means that ordinary everyday things start to hurt you–things like the tops of your shoes, the straps on your bra or your top, the strap of your bag. And they don’t hurt because they’re too tight or don’t fit properly–they hurt because your nerves over-react.Shirts Hanging on Clothes Rack

So I’ve had to make accommodation in my wardrobe and have started buying comfort clothes. Comfort shoes, comfort pants, comfort cardigans, comfort waistbands on my skirts,comfort socks, comfort stretch and elastic-based bottoms.

This has been no big deal because I’m 33 and not as obsessed with looking as fashionably up-to-date as I was as a teenager or in my twenties, and because I’m a teacher I have dress for comfort because I’m standing all day anyway. So I have shoes that are comfortable but not necessarily stylish. And when I dress for the day, I usually end up in something comfortable and warm rather than something cute.

One recent comfort clothes purchase was a new bra. I hate buying bras because it’s always a struggle–you always have to try it on, even if you think it’s your size.  Just because it says it’s your size doesn’t mean it will fit properly or comfortably. I’ve been searching for a comfortable bra that doesn’t leave me hurting by the end of the day. I’ve been through several wireless bras, hoping they wouldn’t hurt as badly as underwire bras, but the bands just dug into my chest. I managed to find one, a Barely There Woman’s Custom Flex Fit Reversible Pullover Bra (what an unnecessarily long and clunky name), that really is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. The straps and band don’t dig in and cause little fibromyalgia aches like other bras do. The only thing is, there’s not a lot of lifting and separating going on (it looks a little like a sports bra), so it doesn’t look the best under certain clothes (like most of my work clothes). But that’s a minor quibble compared to how comfortable it is.

I do sometimes feel like I’m dressing older than my age and feel like sometimes I look overly causal or frumpy with my comfort clothing. But some days vanity just doesn’t win out over comfort, not as someone with fibromyalgia.