Illuminated Birthday CandleMy husband and I have birthdays that are six days apart. His already happened and mine is due this week. He’s not big on celebrating, but I thought this year we could do a lot of little things to celebrate the occasions. I tried to make a cake Thursday, but ended up with two duds. The first one I made from scratch and read the recipe wrong so there wasn’t enough milk in the cake batter. It turned out to be more cookie than cake. The second one was from a box and the cake sections stuck to pans when I tried to remove them. So it’s edible but it’s leaning and in pieces. So we’ve got two bum cakes to get through–they’re good, but they don’t look like it, and I don’t want to put them in front of friends and family. At least the frosting turned out delicious. I can make a mean frosting.

The morning of his birthday I tied the card to my dog and had her run into the room and then jump on the bed to deliver it. He seemed to like it and it made a cute dog even cuter. We went out to eat with friends and family on Friday and Saturday, and I’m pretty sure we gained a couple pounds each.

I bought three presents for us–two seasons of The Golden Girls for me and Gulp by Mary Roach for both of us (his present is that he gets to read it first without me looking over his shoulder or sneaking a peek at a few pages while he’s getting through it–both of us are Mary Roach fans, and I read much more quickly than he does, so it is quite a gift for me to let him read it through first— and he’s not big on material things, so I have to be creative in what gifts I give).

The only thing to remember is to pace myself. Pace pace myself. Yesterday was kind of a rest day–I took a nap in the afternoon and watched a few hours of The Golden Girls  before doing a little bit of yard work. I think I should try to get as much rest as possible during the next few days–Thursday is my birthday and we’ll do it all over again this coming weekend. And I want to enjoy it as much as possible.