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Buying new shoes for my fibromyalgia feet makes me feel like an elderly woman and like a small child at the same time.

It makes me feel like an elderly woman because I care about things like a rounded fit around the toes (there can’t be a hint of a pinch and there are certainly no pointy tips) and arch support and the materials that make up the shoes and how bendable they are and if I can remove the soles of the shoes to insert my own orthotic insoles. Style is the last thing I think about. Before fibro I didn’t think about things other than style, and if my feet hurt a little, I just accepted that as the price I paid to wear those styles. Granted, I mostly wore tennis shoes so it’s not as though style was ever that important. Now, I try to avoid any shoe that causes any pain at all, since my feet and calves are especially likely to be in pain and cause me to have bad fibro days.

It makes me feel like a small child because I have to make sure any new sandals I buy have straps so I don’t fall out of them. Last summer my foot slid out of the sandal I was wearing, causing me to lose my balance and fall down the stairs, which  threw my pelvis out of alignment (the therapists called it an “upslip”), causing lots of pain and medical bills and requiring months of physical therapy  It set me back physically, financially, and emotionally to go through that, and I have no doubt that having fibromyalgia made it worse. So: straps.new shoes

So the new sandals I bought for this spring and summer are made of flexible leather, have arch support, and have straps to keep them firmly in place. And they do all this and still look cute. I bought them from Clarks, a company that I have found makes comfortable and cute shoes that are good for fibro feet. For the past few years I’ve bought almost all of my new shoes from them.

It’s funny how fibro has made me rethink so much of my life, from my feet on up. I guess that’s living with a chronic condition. Today, I don’t mind having had to rethink this area of my life; at least I’m wearing better shoes these days.