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Lately I have been feeling strong. Like, I enjoy moving my muscles because I feel strong and I want to keep moving my muscles so I can build them up and be even more strong. I get off my bike and I feel strong. I get up off the floor after yoga and core exercises and I feel strong. I imagine that this is what athletes feel like, a feeling that I never thought I would have in my life, not before fibromyalgia, and certainly not when I first starting having symptoms.

And lately I’ve been doing more with my day.  Friday and Saturday I had so much energy and wanted to do things and I did them. Sunday was pretty much non-stop busy from 9 am to 4 pm because my family celebrated Easter, and then in the evening we went on a six mile bike ride. I thought for sure I would need Monday to recover, but I didn’t. I was able to keep up with my regular schedule and even doing a few extra things.

And I haven’t been getting as much sleep. Last week was Spring Break, when I normally would have stayed up late and then slept in, but I ended up staying up late and then getting up early or at my normal time. It was the same yesterday and today, but I haven’t felt run down or in pain or like I had a brain fog because of it.

About the only symptoms I’ve been having are stiffness and small pain upon waking up and the occasional ache in random places, but neither of those are getting in the way of my quality of life.

I’m glad that I’m doing so well lately–I’m trying to figure out why–it’s probably the warmer weather allowing me to get more exercise in and maybe the fact that I’ve been trying to eat better lately–but I have to marvel at the variability of this condition. Sometimes it just gets better; sometimes it’s bad even if I’m doing the exact things I do when I’m feeling good. It’s nice to have these openings of health. It certainly helps me with my feelings of acceptance of having this condition, since I was feeling depressed about it just a few weeks ago. I guess I’m just in tune with the seasons–like in the rest of the world, things begin to get more vibrant for me in the springtime.