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ImageThis is not a fibromyalgia post. This is merely an excuse to post what I think is the cutest picture of a Jack Russell terrier mix ever taken. Like, sorry, Internet, but you can’t come up with a cuter picture of one. You can post any number of cute puppy pics, but they will never reach the cuteness factor level of this one, which is obviously off the charts.

This is my girl Waggles. The picture was taken by my niece, who is ten and enthusiastic with the camera and took about ten different pictures of the dog sitting on the sofa (it’s okay–she was allowed to be up there). This was the best shot. It captures her innate cuteness and terrier-ness (although, now that I think about it, her innate terrier-ness would be better expressed by a picture of her rolling on her back in the dirt). The part I like best is that she looks she’s posing for an old fashioned portrait, as if she were some Victorian lady’s prized pet.

So there have it, Internet cute doggie picture lovers: I hope the picture satisfies your endless need for cute.