So I got an email with the subject line “Daytime Flare: Casually chic for every occasion ” and my brain interpreted the word flare to mean a fibromyalgia flare, and I thought “a daytime flare is neither casual nor chic; what is this person thinking? In fact, a daytime flare is awful because it means you’re stuck at work or running errands when you want to be at home or it means you’re stuck at home when you wish you could be out doing things that you need to get done.”

Then I realized that email was from a store and not a notification of a new post from one of the bloggers I follow (almost all of whom are fibro bloggers). They were using flare because some of their new spring dresses are flared. They meant the shape and not a flash of light or a fibro flare. My fibro mind just went to the unpleasant and painful flare-ups that can come with the condition.

I guess it’s nice that flares are in style this season; if only I had the right kind of flares.