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I like to bike outside, but I’m very fickle about when I do. I would love to be a biking badass and ride in the cold and the wind, but I just can’t do it. Cold doesn’t mix well with fibro, and the dust blown around by the wind doesn’t mix well with my sinuses. Plus, I am a big baby when I encounter frustrations and riding into the wind is frustrating and I cuss and feel weak and it ends up being a negative experience.

So we bought a bike trainer to use during the cold and windy months. It holds the back wheel and lets it spin while the front wheel stays still so I can pedal and get exercise.  I’ve been out on the road a handful of time since January, but I have been able to use the trainer three times a week indoors. It’s a little boring, so I try to mix it up with different activities I learned in the spinning class I took once. I think riding a stationary bike is somehow harder on my body than riding on the street–I’ve just been creaky lately. But maybe the cold is causing that.

At any rate, indoor biking is over for the year. Today is is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no wind. A perfect day to be out and about. A perfect day to be alive despite the fibromyalgia.