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(This post is full of complaining. Sometimes I can look on the bright side, but sometimes that’s difficult to do.)

Yesterday we started Daylight Savings Time, and it was the worst day of the year.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the worst day of the year. There are, after all, nine months left of the year in which any number of bad things can happen. And the day we had to put our dog to sleep was pretty bad. But just generically, the day we lose an hour is the worst day of the year for me. It was bad before I had fibromyalgia and now that I have fibromyalgia it’s even worse. I spent the day being grumpy and tired and the pain got worse instead of better (many days the pain gets better as the day goes on). Last night I had stabbing pains in my right knee, my left ankle, and my right wrist.

It was hard getting up this morning, too. I just wanted to sleep on and sleep away the morning. I had to get up, though. Just like everyone else. I wonder how long it will be before I’ve caught up and not suffering from the effects of losing sleep. I wonder how long it takes the average person to recover–my husband was pretty grumpy yesterday, but he wasn’t in pain or anything else–and I wonder how long it will take me to recover. The last few weeks have been difficult as it is.

In a few days I might be able to appreciate the fact that the sun is out longer and the days are getting warmer–you know, the only things that make losing an hour every year worth it. But today I’m still grumpy. Who cares if the sun sets later tonight if I have to go to bed earlier in order to catch up on my sleep?

Let’s give it a few weeks. I feel like fibromyalgia means I’m always playing catch up anyway.