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Today I was helping a student figure out how to turn on voice recognition in Windows 8 (it’s new to both of us and their website is not that user friendly). She was wanting to use it because she doesn’t type that well.

I used to use voice recognition back when I first found I had fibro and didn’t have my pain under control. My hands would hurt too much by the end of the school workday for me to use the computer at home.

The funny thing is, I’d almost forgotten about that. At the very beginning, I’d come home and need to rub my muscle salve all over my hands and that would only help a little and then I’d just suffer through the rest of it. After about the first year I found the right combination of treatments so that my hands (and the rest of me) didn’t hurt that much. I mean, they still hurt. Just not as consistently and not enough to deter me from typing. (For instance, my right hand is hurting me as I’m typing this, but not nearly as badly as it did used to hurt. And my left hand is doing alright just now.)

Some days (such as these few weeks of days) I feel so discouraged about how it feels like fibro never leaves me alone. But at least right now I’m in a place where I can say, “But I’ve come so far.”

And that’s something to be a bit happy about.