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Yesterday was a spectacularly windy and dusty day. So much dust was in the air that at four o’clock in the afternoon my nearly four year old nephew looked at the sky and said, “Look at the moon!” and it took me a second to determine that we were in fact, looking at the sun and not the moon. The sun had taken on a silvery tint and was a round shape that you could look at directly. It was kind of looking like at the sun during an eclipse through safety goggles, and it looked a lot like the moon does in the daytime sky. But it was much more intensely bright than the moon ever is. It was a weird and wonderful sight.

But the dust was blowing in large sheets over the landscape and my poor nephew started coughing terribly. I was okay until this morning. Now it feels like my sinuses are coated with dirt and there’s a slight burn from my nose and the back of my mouth down my throat. I washed out my sinuses with a neti pot and sure enough some dirt came out. It’s irritating and annoying. Six years ago, before the fibro, this would have been awful, and I would have been complaining about it all day and all night. But right now I’m feeling that it’s not so bad.

Because it’s not fibromyalgia pain and fatigue!

And really, many things are just little annoyances compared to my fibro symptoms.

The really annoying thing is all of the dust that seeped into the house that I now have to clean up.