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(I’ll bet reading the title you can imagine that I had some pain symptoms on a cold and windy day. And you’d be right.)

Yesterday was windy. So windy that when I walked into the gusts I had to bend at the waist and put my head down. My sweater lifted up and my hair was whipped back. So dusty that the sky was brown and the mountains were obscured. This was not an unusual type of day for this area. In fact, if it were the springtime it would be normal. But I’m worried because it’s not the springtime. It’s January. Maybe it’s just a fluke, but we’re in the middle of a drought and who knows what this winter’s weather will bring to the summer.

In addition to the wind, yesterday was cold. I was expecting that some symptoms would creep up on me, and late in the evening my lower legs started aching–from the back of my knees down my calves to my feet. Pain in this half of my legs was one of the first symptoms of my fibromyalgia (along with the fact that I couldn’t get enough sleep) so it doesn’t surprise me I get achy there still. I had my husband massage in some of my muscle salve and it helped a little–enough that the pain didn’t bother me when I went to sleep.

And today is beautiful–the sun is out and it’s warm. Still, my hands hurt. Maybe I did too much writing yesterday, maybe it’s leftover from yesterday’s cold, maybe it’s just the oddly-arriving fibro pain that doesn’t always make sense. Whatever it is, I’ll live through it. It’s certainly nowhere near as bad as the pain I’ve lived through before.