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I’m excited to get back into the swing of things as a new semester begins, while keeping an eye on managing my fibro symptoms (as always).

It turns out I’m teaching two class instead of three this semester; the third class was cancelled. This is okay for my fibro symptoms, but disappointing for my bank account and a little depressing. I tell myself that I can use the extra time to do more writing, but I still start feeling antsy being in the house so much.

I like real physical books that I can interact with, but as I was trying to swing my heavy backpack with four books in it onto my shoulders I wanted to cry; it’s so heavy! Maybe I should invest in a few e-books to save my back and shoulders.  All of the books I’m using this semester are books I’ve already read, so I won’t be missing out on the reading experience by reading them on a screen, and I guess I could figure out how to highlight things on a tablet screen.

Anyway, back to serious stretching and resting and deep breathing to deal with the stress of working again. With only two classes I should be able to keep the symptoms due to a minimum.