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This weekend was tough when I wanted it to be easy. It was sunny-cold: bright sunshine and no clouds so it made me think it wouldn’t be too cold, but then the temperature never got very high and the wind blew a little. So I was thinking I would start it free and easy at the farmer’s market and then be able to get some exercise in on the final weekend before school begins again.

We walked to the farmer’s market (it’s less than a mile), and I wore a hat and gloves, and I even moved a little bit more quickly through the market than I usually would to get back inside in a hurry, but the cold got to my throat and nose and legs, and I ended up feeling poorly and ache-y and not quite warm enough the rest of the day. By the time I was ready for bed, my shins were on fire, and I was rubbing my special muscle relief slave all over them (an alluring fragrance if there ever was one). And my feet were in more pain than usual. I was wearing a new pair of Clark’s casual shoes, a brand I usually have good luck with because they’re roomy and supportive for my fibro feet. But with even a few minutes wear I could feel an ache at every point of contact between my feet and the shoes. I don’t blame having to break in the shoes, though; I blame the sunny-cold that tricked me in to thinking it wasn’t too cold for me to go out and exercise without having a pain reaction.

And the worst part is: I can’t ride my bike outside until it’s maybe 10 degrees warmer. I have a trainer that I can put on my bike for indoor riding, which gets the exercise job done, but it’s not nearly as fun.

The best part is: in a little over a month, while points North will still be battling the cold, we’ll mostly be out of the sunny-cold time of the year in my area.

So let me have this day to complain and tomorrow I’ll be over it.