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First post of the year–only took me six days to write it down.

Two of my dogs play in the snow. That's as deep as the snow got and that was enough for me.

Two of my dogs play in the snow. That’s as deep as the snow got and that was enough for me.

We’ve been having winter weather lately—actual make you stay in your house and look out the window watching the snow fall winter weather. 30 degrees all day long and one inch of snow on the ground kind of winter weather. Our once yearly snowstorm happened Thursday into Friday.  I have been doing a little freelance work  in the same office where my husband works, so I haven’t been able to have actual snow days, but the work hours have been abbreviated since the driving can be treacherous. (The driving is only so bad because the local authorities don’t have lots of snow plows to clean the roads and so the roads stay worse for longer than they do in places that get more snow. Plus, many people from this area don’t have much experience driving on icy or snowy roads and they’re dangerous the second the road is wet. Plus, locations in the higher elevation get more snow, so many of the roads and highways get shut down.) We live three miles away from work in some of the lowest elevation in the area without a hill between us and work’s door so we went in, just not for very long.

But I’ve been using the time at home to have pretend snow days, which for me means reading. I’ve been trying to read more actual books with paper pages than screens lately because I just can’t read a screen with enough concentration. I read somewhere that people tend to read in an “F” pattern when they read a screen and I have found myself doing that. And that doesn’t lend itself well to reading a book–at least for me.

I received the book Team of Rivals for Christmas since I saw Lincoln over the Thanksgiving weekend and was inspired to read more about the politics of that time. It is a little slow going because there is so much information in it, so I’m only on page 250. I think I read more slowly now than I did ten years ago–maybe my literacy habits are changing, maybe I’m just out of practice with physical books since I do spend so much time in front of a screen these days, maybe I’m just a tiny bit older and slower. The book is making me think I watch too much TV and without it in my life I could so much more done. And I think that even with my pre-fibromyalgia body I wouldn’t have had the energy or ambition to become a politician like Lincoln or any of the rivals profiled in the book. So I don’t feel so bad not achieving what they were able to achieve.

The only drawback to being inside on my pretend snow days is that I don’t get that much exercise. I haven’t done too much yoga lately because I’ve been preferring being on the bike, and because I haven’t felt like I need to do the stretching and relaxing I get from yoga because I haven’t felt too much fatigue and pain lately. I will have to do some just to get some movement in. I just hope I won’t end up sore from it because my body isn’t used to it.