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I have had a busy set of days and I have two more busy days to go. I could be enjoying time with my extended family right now, but I’m at home, taking a small glass of wine and Star Trek break after wrapping some presents and making a cake and cookies earlier today. There’s a party at my mom’s tonight and I need to rest up for that. In fact, I may even take a twenty minute nap in about an hour.


Okay, I made the cake, but I didn’t exactly make the cookies. I bought plain sugar cookies and just frosted and decorated them. I wanted to make them from scratch, but sugar cookies are tough to do correctly and time-intensive and frankly I’d rather rest. It’s an example of something little that I have to forego in order to take care of myself and not let the fibro impact me too negatively.

Luckily my husband and family are understanding. I feel for those who are having conflict with a family that doesn’t understand that if you have fibromyalgia you need to pace yourself. But I think I’m not that different from a lot of other people; I hear and read so many stories in the media about dealing with holiday stress. It’s just that someone with fibromyalgia has to rest and de-stress. Otherwise it would not be a happy holiday at all.