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We’re having our second spate of cold weather so far this year; it’s a below normal day today. I know further north people are suffering actual low temperatures (my sister said it was -1 when she went out to warm up her car), while we’re just cold (at least what passes for cold here), but its’ still below where we usually are. Of course, I worry about the weather’s impact on my fibro.

It’s hard to stay warm in our old and drafty house, so I have space heaters trained on me, and I’m layers and blankets, even just sitting and watching television. I wish I could take a warm bath, but the bathtub is just too cold to keep the warmth on the water.

I was worried that I was going to have some extra pain because of the cold, but so far there hasn’t been too much more. A little, with some errant flashes, but nothing too bad. As long as the cold doesn’t last too long. At least it’s still sunny and there hasn’t been any snow. I know we could use the precipitation (I don’t even want to think of how bad the drought will be come next summer), but in my selfish way I’m glad it hasn’t come yet

Sunday was a gorgeous day, an above normal day. We participated in a Toys for Tots bike ride that started at 11 in the morning. The morning started clear and 60 degrees F, but once we started riding a cold wind kicked up. I love the wind when I’m standing still and enjoying the power of Mother Nature, but I hate it when I’m trying to ride. I didn’t let it dampen my mood, though. There were about 250 bicyclists, including families with children, and people were wearing Santa hats and had decorated their bikes with garlands and berries. We rode at a leisurely pace and got lots of positive honks and waves; when we rode by Whattaburger, the staff came out and started filming us.

The bike is ready to go.

Despite the wind, I didn’t feel too cold or too much in pain. I wanted to take a nap in the afternoon, but I had too much to do, and I didn’t feel the irresistible pull of Sleep that forces me to sleep on some days. Thank goodness for those beautiful above normal days that help me feel well.