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My mom’s new puppy is helping us get ready for Christmas.

My family celebrates Christmas and we’ve already drawn names for the gift exchange. There are so many siblings  and in-laws that buying for all of them would get prohibitively expensive, so we draw names and buy a present for one sibling/in-law, and then buy one big present for our parents, and then lots of toys and things for the nieces and nephew (four of them). Gift buying is really the only area in which having a big family at Christmas time at bad (wait–cold water in the shower if you wake up late is bad, too, and you can probably guess that I am always one of the last up in the morning).

    • I have the usual books and clothes on my wish list–I’m either really boring or really easy to please–but here’s my fibro specific wish list:
  • patient family members and friends
  • gracious giving up on my part (no ranting or whining)
  • the right supplements (I tried magnesium early on, but it upset my stomach so much that I gave up on it, but maybe the B12 will work)
  • water that stays warm in the tub
  • comfy pants (tight but not restrictive)
  • new orthotic insoles for my super-comfy Clark’s shoes

Sometimes I’d like to buy clothes where my first priority isn’t “comfy,” but I think I’m beyond that now.