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1. I went to see my doctor about my fibromyalgia the Friday before last. I expressed my concerns about harming my stomach by taking generic Aleve for everyday pain relief. She gave me  a prescription for Meloxicam, which she said would be easier on my stomach. I haven’t noticed that it’s any better or any worse with my pain, meaning that sometimes it gets rid of the pain and sometimes the aches are still there. She also ran some blood tests and it turns out I’m low on vitamin B12. She’s having me get one shot of it a week for weeks. I think I’m feeling better, but that might just be because I’m off of work this week due to the Thanksgiving break.

2. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I wish I could still drink and get a little drunk. I love my family and enjoy spending time with them, so it’s not a matter of drinking to deal with my family like it is for some people, but I just would like to feel loose and happy. Not black-out drunk or even slurring your words drunk, just three drinks in drunk. But I can’t drink anymore with the medication I’m taking (gabapentin). Even one glass leaves me feeling dizzy and dehydrated and with a headache; forget about having two or more drinks. Even drinking water along with the drink doesn’t make it any better. I am (and never was) by any means a partier, but on a holiday where there’s nothing for me to do but eat and hang out with my loved ones, I’d like to feel a little tipsy and happy.

Ah well, what can be done about it?