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So this afternoon I walked across campus in the warm golden sunshine. There was   a hint of a breeze, with a bit of a chill to it–really, hardly any chill at all. There are many old trees on campus of all types–evergreens, palms, native desert trees and even some deciduous trees that are finally starting to turn orange. I was trying to keep up a brisk pace, but in the last ten of the thirty minutes that I spent walking my legs staring to ache. From the backs of my thighs to my calves to the arches of my feet. Damn. I guess an ache in the back of my legs and in my feet is a cornerstone of my fibromyalgia; the very first symptom (other than fatigue) that led to my diagnosis was pain in my legs. Now that I’m sitting down I feel okay, but I was having such a beautiful afternoon and it’s a bit of a bummer that the aches had to come back.

I had a nice day on Sunday as well. I know I’m late with singing the praises of turning back the clock, but I have fibromyalgia–sometimes it takes me a while to get around to doing things.  I was able to get ten full hours of sleep and it was only nine o’clock when I woke up. There was time to enjoy my coffee and go shopping and read and do a little bit of work and get in an hour of exercise without feeling rushed or in pain or hunched over and fragile. I was able to maintain a quick pace during most of the bike ride, but the last fifteen minutes I was nearly out of gas. I still need to build up some strength to get back to where I was before my fall. And–as expected–I had aches all down down the backs of my thighs and calves on Sunday evening.

I would love to have a free hour every weekend.  I’m sure it would help me feel better–that time to rest and get exercise in. I’m sure other people would love to have a free hour, too. It’s too bad it only happens once a year.