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October is just too darn long this year. I know it’s still 31 days, but it’s spread out over five endless weeks. There are still two more Wednesdays in this month. Every time I go to see how many weeks there are until Thanksgiving, it’s always too many: 4 weeks, 5 weeks. In my neck of the woods, we’re barely getting leaves to yellow let alone fall from the trees. The one big deciduous tree that we have in our yard (a relic from the decades when people tried to make the desert look like other parts of the country rather than embracing natural plant life) that actually turns colors in the fall still only has a fistful of yellow on it. I want to say to Mother Nature, “let’s start dying down, let’s start cooling off.” I like living here because December and January never get too cold and it only snows a few times a year and at most an inch, and such mild winters are good for my fibromyalgia–I don’t hurt as badly–but I love having a Fall and miss having one so far this year. The light is golden and slanty like it should be, but it’s still warm (80+ F).

I’m suffering from a supreme lack of motivation at work as well. This is the time of the semester where I’m at my lowest point–I’ve been slugging away for weeks now and the break is still so far away I can’t see it. I’m sure everyone begins to feel this way around this time. I see it in some of my students, too. The moment of irony: right now two of my classes are writing about motivation and Daniel Pink’s book Drive. They’re writing about the studies that show that extrinsic rewards don’t motivate people very well in the long term. Their motivation for writing the paper: the extrinsic reward of getting a passing grade on the essay and passing the class.

I guess we all have to get our motivation somewhere. Mine right now is in counting down the days of this month.