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I’m almost done with physical therapy, and it seems like my pelvis is back in order, so they’ve been having me work on core exercises. The last two times I’ve gone they’ve had me do especially difficult exercises. I was sweating and my heart was beating quickly after the last visit. I have a distrust of doing exercise that causes my heart to beat quickly because of a childhood heart condition; even when I’m on my bike I feel a little hesitant to push my body, so I was a little unnerved when I left the office. I can’t help it but a little whisper of “Watch out” goes through my mind. I felt worn out the evening after my appointment, and I felt a little sore the next day. I know they want me to do more of the tough exercises, but I went two days before doing them again. I can see incorporating them into my regular regime. I did take a yogilates class a few years ago and found that I could add a few core exercises twice a week without taxing my body too much.

Wednesday I was able to ride seven miles around town, to work and to visit my mom and then ride home again.   I felt worn out after that exercise, too. But I need to get back on the bike and into my regular exercise now that my pelvis has been fixed.

Today I think I’ll do a little bit of housework and work on my computer. Otherwise, it will be a recovery day. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to teach on Fridays and can take some time to rest before the weekend kicks in. We actually don’t have family obligations this weekend, but  there are some chores to do around the house. Always with the chores.