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So I spent about a month without a bike ride because of my messed-up pelvis and of course I got antsy. I’d gotten used to taking a ride at least once a week despite the fibromyalgia. I felt like a blob sitting on the couch and doing only a few PT-approved exercises twice a day. No fun. But I know I had to sit it put while my pelvis got realigned.

But thankfully the past two weeks I’ve been up to taking small one mile, twelve minute rides around the neighborhood, and when I go to physical therapy I spend fifteen minutes on the stationary bike. My tailbone has been a little tender, but the biggest struggle is getting my thighs back in shape. I’m going to try to get in a few miles each evening this week to work back up to my regular ten or twelve miles. It’s such a beautiful time of year to ride my bike so I’m anxious not to miss out. The odd weather this year means we’re having an extended biking season. I don’t even need to put on long sleeves to ride and we’re already in October. We can probably ride into December before it gets too cold for me to ride outdoors–I’m just not someone who will ride when the weather is cold enough to wear a balaclava. Cold and wet air is not a friend to fibromyalgia. So I’m looking forward to getting in as many rides as I can.