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Everyone who reads poetry knows that April is the cruelest month, and I’ve always thought that September was the kindest month (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, that is). Days are still long and warm but the temperature mellows, crispness starts to creep in, the light starts to slant and get golden. I love the decorating scheme of golden, red, and brown leaves and berries. I look better in boots and long sleeves and pants than in summer clothes. I like the look of pumpkins and gourds and hay bales and even though I’d never put up a scarecrow in my yard I like the look of them. I like chrysanthemums and Halloween. I like the fact that we don’t usually have to run the air conditioner or cooler and can save a little bit of money.

But this year the temperatures are whacky, starting with a warm February and March. Our summer wasn’t that much hotter than we usually get, but it was dryer than normal. We started September with temps in the 90’s, which isn’t that unexpected for our area. But even here in official Fall we’re in the 90’s and today we turned in the air conditioner. The weatherman said we should be in the 80’s by now. I wish we could get to the 80’s already. Temps in the 70’s and 80’s (these are in Fahrenheit, by the way) are as perfect as it can get for me and my fibromyalgia.   They don’t aggravate the symptoms.

I’m waiting for the perfect warm Fall afternoon. I guess I’ll see what October has to offer.