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So I know that hydrotherapy is more than just floating in the pool, but for my particular upslipped pelvis I’ve been doing a lot of floating in the 7 foot part of the pool with a weight on my left ankle. I assume this is to pull it down from where it has slipped up. I feel odd just hanging out there with one of those silly noodles under my arms. I’m hardly ever in a swimming pool and not a strong swimmer. It’s not so bad when the other people in the pool will talk to me, though. All four times I’ve been I was the youngest one in the pool and twice the people were doing the Southern New Mexico thing of pretending the strangers near you in a public place don’t exist (this doesn’t happen in other places I’ve been and it always sort of bugs me; at least make eye contact and smile if we’re ten feet apart). Another time a woman made friendly conversation about grandchildren and granddogs (apparently grannddogs are easier but not quite as cute, but I’ve seen some people’s kids and they have nothing on my dogs). The last time I visited the pool I ran into a guy who was in one of my writing classes last fall. He told me he internalized some of the things he learned in my class and does them automatically now. That made my day.

I also walked back and forth acorss the pool with the weight still on my leg and then sat in front of some vents for a while with bubbles breaking against my back. That worried me a little because I thought I might be sore the next day because of my over-senstative body, but no soreness was to be felt. My therapists came in once and told me to walk faster, but I said I didn’t want to risk falling–that’s what got me to therapy in the first place. Besides, I was wearing my glasses and didn’t want to get my curly hair wet. So I had to disappoint him, but I’ve been complying with every other request.

At any rate, the pool therapy and all of the stretches I’ve been doing and the little lift I’ve been wearing in my shoe have all helped put my pelvis back into place. Well, close to back in place. I still need to do more work, but the pain is nearly gone (in my sacrum and pelvis anyway). I’ve only been able to get on my bike twice and only for ten minutes each time–just a cruise around the neighborhood. Bummer, but the physical therapist promises the work he’ll have me do over the next four sessions will get me back out there. Can’t happen soon enough.

I swear I’m never falling down the stairs again. They make it look so easy on TV, but it can do real, unexpected, and time-consuming damage.