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Yesterday was one of those fibromyalgia days. A day when you wake up and you’re already one and a half hours behind because you need that much more sleep in order to feel rested. So you’re achy and tired and you haven’t even done anything yet.

That’s not so bad if I don’t have anything scheduled in the morning, and can spend some time warming up, but yesterday I started teaching at ten and my work day wouldn’t be over for eight more hours. And that’s just the work day. That’s not the rest of the human being day, the part of the day where I get to be me and spend time with my loved ones and do things I need to do around the house. Except when I got home I was too tired to do any chores. I just sat on the sofa and read and watched TV. Luckily, my husband was tired, too, and didn’t mind that we didn’t do too much.

The classes I teach on Thursday are all writing classes so I do get a little bit of a break. They write for an uninterrupted stretch of ten minutes to start the class, so I was able to sit down and get a tiny bit of rest. But that’s for only about thirty minutes total out of six hours teaching time. I try to make the most of those minutes, though, and I did end up scooting around in my chair during the last class yesterday afternoon.

The good thing is my physical therapy is going well. I’m feeling much better, I’m able to walk in a more normal fashion, I have less pain in the back and tailbone. I have one more therapy session scheduled on Monday. I hope that’s the last one because I’d like to be back to normal already (or fibro normal, anyway) and because we’re paying out of pocket right now and there’s no way we’ll reach the insurance deductible any time soon.