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I finally was able to get into physical therapy on Thursday morning (after a long saga of phone calls). As I was lying on the table for the exam, the physical therapist asked me if one of my legs was longer than the other, and I just laughed because of all the problems I have with my body that is not one of them.

At least it hasn’t been, but it appears that when I fell down those treacherous stairs and landed so hard on my tailbone I pushed the left side of my pelvis up and out of place. So they’re going to do stuff to me to get it back where it should be.

So far I’ve only had time to learn some stretches and to have an ultrasound treatment on my lumbar and sacral region (that’s what I picked up when I was listening to the therapist consult with two others on what was going on with my pelvis). I had no idea that ultrasound treatments could help alleviate pain, but it seems to have worked for me. I can lay on my back and sit up straight without leaning over and not be in much pain. I do wonder if the placebo effect might be in play here, too. That’s something that all of us who live with fibro and try different pain treatments worry about. Is it really helping or do I just think it is? And with a condition like fibro, is it really a bad thing if some of it is the placebo effect?

Monday they’re going to put me in the heated pool and have me do something there. I’m actually excited about that because I’ve been thinking of adding hydrotherapy to my treatment plan for a while now. I’ve been checking the class times at the local aquatic center, but nothing has worked with my schedule and I’ve been shy to start something new. Maybe this will be the kick in the pants that I need to get me started with it.

So I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to get this most recent pain under control. I may even be able to get on my bike within the week!