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So I finally went to the doctor and had some x-rays taken of my sore and painful tailbone. The doctor says there are no bones broken, but he wants me to go to physical therapy for it. The thing is, I was teaching when the nurse called yesterday to leave a message about the x-ray results, and since I taught until six I couldn’t call their office back. And this morning when I called the office I found the doctor and nurse are out today and there was no note in my file as to who he wants to refer me to–so I have to wait until tomorrow to find out who I should see. Annoying, but since the bones aren’t broken, I suppose I can wait another day.

Another day of walking around like I’m sixty years old and gripping the hand rails when I walk down stairs and taking the elevator up and putting my hand on the small of my back like the pressure will do anything to relive pain and grimacing when I stand up. I wonder what my students think.

I’m actually relieved that he wants me to go physical therapy. I need to get exercising again. I found some information about exercises to do with a sore tailbone and they were easy yoga moves, but some still cause pain so I don’t do them, and so I’m left with a few minutes of stretching. There’s the cow/cat, the child’s pose, the lying on the floor with your knees tucked in–gentle moves that stretch you but don’t stress you. And I haven’t been on my bike in weeks. I miss it and I was five pounds heavier when I was weighed at the doctor’s office yesterday. So I need to find something more to do and hopefully physical therapy will give me something more. And it might help the fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve never tried physical therapy for it before–it couldn’t hurt, right?

(Yes, I know it could because fibromyalgia is so…fibromyalgia, but I’m going to be optimistic.)

I just want to be able to walk and move like normal–well, normal for someone with fibromyalgia.