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So yesterday was the first day of classes at the university and community college where I teach and today is Recovery Day. I accepted three class that meet on Tuesday/Thursday so I’m teaching from 10 to 6 with a break for lunch and a drive to the campus across town (Which I hate doing. It’s only 20 minutes so it’s nothing compared to the commutes some people in bigger cities have to make, but I hate driving and it stresses me out and that can’t be good for the fibro.) Two of my classes last for two hours and the other one lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. And believe me, the energy output requirements of teaching are exhausting. Exhausting to people with normal bodies, even. So yesterday I was ready to go home with one hour left to teach. I pushed through it. I’m glad I will have to push through one awful hour only twice a week. I can handle that.

But that means two nights a week I’ll be ready to go home and collapse and do nothing else. I’d like to make myself do yoga or at least go for a walk to manage that fatigue and try to stave off the pain that comes with it, but I’m still sitting here frustrated with a sore tailbone. I hate that you have to just wait for it to heal.

So managing the symptoms will be important this semester, including gentle exercise and getting enough sleep. Today I am working from home and resting and having the Recovery Day that I need. (It’s amazing how every semester we do so much more online, even for classes that meet face to face. Everything I need to do I can do through email and class websites. Handy for when you need a Recovery Day.) Teaching makes you stand and walk and talk and exaggerate emotion the whole time you’re doing it. Some of my colleagues talk about teaching as a performance and it really is, especially on the first day when you’re selling the class to the students. I really liked the classes I met yesterday so that is encouraging. I might be tired and feeling poorly, but at least I’ll have cool students.

I’m just grateful I have a job and a life that allow for me to have a Recovery Day. I’m not making as much money as I could and I don’t have benefits beyond a pension that might not be there if I ever get to retire, but it’s so much better for my health.