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So a week and a half ago I slipped out of my sandal while trying to walk down the stairs and talk at the same time (a tricky proposition, I know), lost my balance, and slid down three or four steps, scratching up my back and landing hard on my tailbone and my right elbow. For a long moment I couldn’t think or breathe, I could only feel pain. My husband was with me and asking me “Are you okay?” but I couldn’t say anything. Eventually I was able to get up and walk and my elbow was okay, but the back and the tailbone were bruised up and sore. For the first few days rising from a sitting position hurt, sitting for more a few minutes hurt, sleeping on my back hurt, reaching to grasp something hurt, even sneezing hurt.

Which lead me to a game I play often: is this fibromyalgia or something else? It’s a game I play when I feel pain that isn’t my usual sort of pain, but still could be a weird quirk of fibromyalgia. Sometimes I have a stinging sort of pain in my legs that doesn’t feel like my usual all over aches but happens often enough that I assume it’s just because of the fibromyalgia. Although sometimes in the back of my head I hear my mom’s voice saying “It could be a blood clot that’s on its way to your heart.” (She’s a bit worst case scenario when it comes to health.) I worry if I do go the doctor nothing will come of it besides a claim that I have to fight to get my insurance company to pay.

And sometimes I think ordinary regulation bruises or stubbed toes are hurting more than they should because of my fibromyalgia. So I assumed that the bruises I incurred while falling were sensitive because I had really come down hard on those steps and because my overly-reactive nerves were overly-reacting. But now it’s been ten days and the bruises have gone away, but the pain in my tailbone is still there. It isn’t as bad as the first few days, but it still hurts.

So I think I should get the doctor, just in case. This time it might really be something else. I know a doctor can’t do much more for me in regards to my tailbone then I’m doing already, but I probably should know if I cracked it or fracture it or something like that. Probably don’t need to ignore something like that on top of the fibro.

That incident is why I haven’t been writing lately. I haven’t done much of anything but wince around at work and then come home and wince around the couch and the bed. I’ve hardly done any chores and I’ve only taken one walk. I haven’t even felt like hopping on my bike or doing more than basic stretching. I already feel my leg muscles getting weaker. That’s another reason why I want to go to the doctor–I want to get back to exercising and don’t want to do any extra damage than has already been done. Fortunately, I haven’t had any extra fibro symptoms on top of the tailbone issue.

If it is something else at least I’m getting a break from the fibro.