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So my last blog entry spurred a thought in me that I have only now been able to chase down. Today I made the time to sit down and write, squished it in despite the whole list of other things I would like to do and have to do. When you have fibromyalgia, sometimes you have to force it otherwise it won’t get done.

At any rate the thought was about the ways fibro had improved my life. Yes, improved. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in the many difficulties that fibro causes, but there really are some areas of my life are improved now that I’m focused on treating my fibro.

So here are three good things about having fibro, at least in my experience.

  1. Fibro forces me to know my body well. I usd to be very much in my head and not give much thought to my body, but now I have to focus on my body. I have to figure out what it’s trying to tell me to do and then take action to take care of it. Every morning I wake up and try to assess my pain. Every evening I try to figure out what my body is still capable of doing and how much rest I have to get for the next day. I keep track of how much sleep I’m getting and not getting. I figure out what type of exercise works best and will help me have a more productive and pain free day. I pay more attention to my physical self than I did before and now I try to take care of it.
  1. Fibro forces me to exercise. Before I had fibro the most exercise I got was walking up the three flights of stairs at the library. Now I can ride a bike for 25 miles. Now I do yoga and take short walks. I have to do it if I want to improve my symptoms, and sometimes I highly resent that—I don’t want to yoga today, I want to sit on my butt and read today—but I know I’m getting stronger. I know that my general health has improved right along with my fibro symptoms.
  1. Fibro forces me to prioritize. Some things really aren’t that important and I can let them go. Sometimes I get jealous of all of the things other people can do and feel so bad that I can’t do everything I want to do when I want to do, but I’m trying to believe there really is value in moderation and in slowing down and doing what is truly important. I’m just hoping I have a long life so I can get in all of the things that I’m pushing off right now.


    I wonder if anyone else has felt any positive impacts from fibromyalgia. Surely I can’t be the only one, can I?