Two flights, a little under two hours each; one from home in the mountains of the high desert to muggy, wet Houston and another from Houtson to the thin slice of the Florida panhandle. We touched down amid pine trees–not at all what I was expecting to see.

Because the flights were so short I hardly had time to start feeling cramped and painful, although sharp shoots of pain were going up and down my legs during the final flight’s descent. Nothing more than some stretching and the usual one pain pill was all I needed.

The first day and a half were active. We’re on a resort (my husband is at a conference and I came along because I’ve only ever seen the ocean twice before and couldn’t pass it up) and to get from our hotel to where the restaurants are we have to travel about a mile. A tram gets you to and fro,  and we got to dinner just fine the first night. But after the tram that we had been waiting for pulled out full and without us we didn’t feel like waiting twenty minutes for the next one to come along, so we walked back to the hotel in the dark. It was lovely if humid, and I felt like I was in Dirty Dancing with Southern accents until the second half of the walk when the full impact of the humidity hit me. Then I was just drenched in sweat and felt like my face was melting. My legs felt like they were about to fall off. I thought for sure I would suffer the next day, but the next morning I woke up and my legs didn’t feel more than 10% in pain, which is a normal baseline feeling for me.

Then Monday we rented bikes and rode a short way down to the beach in the early afternoon–it’s not as hot here as I was expecting it to be, even with the humidity. It was a nice way to get in a little exercise while on vacation, but still a little trying for a fibro body.

Today I’m relaxing by the pool–in the shade with plenty of water, of course–and on the deck looking out over the water. (I can’t believe I’m typing these line about being at the beach and by the pool–it is very much out of my usual experience). Relaxing exactly like you should be doing on vacation and exactly like you should be doing when you exerted your fibro body the two days previous. This is my day of rest before two more days of activity. I hope it will be enough to get me through the rest of the vacation with minimal symptoms. And I hope it will be enough so that the symptoms don’t all wait and then come crashing down on me when I get home. A sneak attack of symptoms. Sometimes they do that–I can push them off while I’m busy and then they hit me a few days later. I hope it’s not the case here.

This view might be worth it, though.