For a very long stretch of my life I wasn’t into wearing jewelry. I thought it was a pain in the neck (in the figurative way, back then) and though I had some I didn’t wear it regularly. Earlier this Spring I got it into my head that I wanted to start wearing earrings again so I got my ears piereced again–my mother had pireced mine when I was three days old but the holes had long since closed. Only it turns out I can’t wear earrings because the weight of them hurts my ear. Even the small studs lead to an ache at the end of some days.

And I bought a fashionably large ring, but I couldn’t wear it for more than a few hours because it made my fingers ache. I’ll have to be content with wearing necklaces and bracelets I suppose.

Just another little annoying way this condition impacts my life. I don’t need to wear earrings at all, but when I see someone wearing lovely large dangly ones I feel a twinge of jealously. Just a twinge.