This week I started attending a writing and teaching workshop. It’s a small group run out of the local university and it involves teachers and scholars from all levels of education. It is a fantastic workshop. I feel like I have already grown as a writer, as a knowledgeable teacher, and as a person. It lasts from 8:30 til about 3:00, so it’s like a regular K-12 school day (minus the planning, grading and miscellaneous supervision after school). It’s exhausting because it’s intellectually and emotionally enagaing and, of course, because I have fibromyalgia.

This afternoon after I came home I took a nap. I had ridden my bike to the workshop and back  a 20 minute ride one way), and I think that combined with the heat and the work I’ve been doing in the workshop made me just need a nap right then. I should have done some dusting and sweeping–both are my chores and we’ve been leaving windows open at nights to cool the house without running the air conditioner because it’s running for hours during the daytime–but I didn’t. I had to nap, and I didn’t have to be anywhere else, so I was able to nap.

I have been doing at least an hour of writing each day at the workshop but not all of it is fibromyalgia-related. So I may end up posting some of my other types of writing. I just wanted to briefly discuss how fibro symptoms are variable. I’m getting an hour or two less sleep per night, and I have homework to do in the afternoons after I get home, so I don’t get as much rest. Consequently, I feel more exhausted at the end of the day than I was feeling last week. I know I will probably be going to bed much earlier tonight than I would like to. I’ve been taking a pain pill, too, when I hadn’t been taking it last week. It’s not that big of a deal right now, but if this workshop were to continue for a month more I’d be concerned about taking too much of it too many days in a row. I should do some yoga this weekend–at least one day, if not both, since I didn’t do a bit of this week–and allow myself to sleep as late as I need to sleep. Luckily my husband has come to understand that I need to rest up some weekends and has come to trust me when I tell him what I need.

A good week and I was able to manage my fibro without the symptoms causing me too much grief.