The temperatures have been in the 90’s for more than a month now where I live, and since I’m a teacher I’ve been on vacation from work for a while now (I’m always slightly surprised when I read about other teachers that still have three weeks to go once June hits; what parts of the country go to school that long?), so I feel like summer has been going on for a while for me, but June first just makes it final.

Last night my husband and I were sitting on our back stoop enjoying the final moments of twilight. The wind was blowing through the leaves and the scene just reminded me so much of childhood. My husband agreed that the sound of the wind in the trees on a summer night was a sound from his childhood, too. Windy summer nights are one of the things I miss the most about where I grew up. They’re just so exhilarating and stress-free. We were a softball and baseball playing family when I was younger, and I remember many nights playing catch by the porch light and many a night game where I stood out in the outfield while the wind blew me around (I was not the most skilled fielder, although I was a reliable hitter). I stopped playing when I was ten and that was the end of exercising for me until I find out I had fibro. Getting back into exercise was just one of the changes I had to get used to when I came down with fibro. It’s one of the changes I don’t mind having to have made.

Summer is historically a good time for my fibro symptoms. I read somewhere–in one of the multitude of books I read when I found out I had fibromyalgia–that symptoms decrease in the summer for many people. The warmer temperatures just aren’t as hard on my body as the colder ones are. It means I can get things done. I hope it means others with fibromyalgia can get more things done as well.